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Cygnus Alpha 2019

Blake's 7 Convention

Held at the Museum of Music, Kew Bridge, London - Cygnus Alpha is an

event celebrating 42 years of the BBC series Blake's 7. Simon was

invited to attend to discuss his work on the series including the building

of the spacecraft LONDON in 1977.

Simon was involved in a Q&A and shared the stage with SFX guru Mat

Irvine and director Jonathan Wright-Miller who had directed two of the

show's episodes.

Following the discussion, Simon formally handed over the restored

LONDON model to Mat Irvine to rejoin the Blake's 7 model collection, of

which Mat is the Custodian.

The second half of the day was dedicated to interviews with several of

the well known actors from the series.

Q&A session hosted by Cygnus Alpha event organiser Ian Kubiak - on stage (left to right) Jonathan Wright-Miller (director of two Blake's 7 episodes) Simon Atkinson and BBC SFX guru Mat Irvine.

Jonathan generously donated the two working scripts he used while directing the show, along with an ultra rare set plan featuring the Liberator interiors. Over £600 was raised for a Parkinson's Disease charity.

Photographs by Andy Spencer

The London is handed over to Mat Irvine following an extensive restoration. More details HERE

Photograph by Robin Prichard

Autograph signing and conversation - The Liberator model in the background.

Signing a copy of Roger Murray-Leach's original concept drawing of the Liberator. Thanks to Anthony Fletcher-Goldspink on the right of picture.

Photograph by Andy Spencer


a retrospective

For the first time, Simon exhibited a collection of his work, both

2 and 3D featuring pieces selected from his 43 year career as a

modelmaker and illustrator.

The City of Glasgow College's Ralph Cowan Gallery hosted the

exhibition over 6 days in February 2019.

The iconic LONDON spacecraft model built by Simon for the BBC TV

series Blake's 7 formed part of the display. The model is currently

undergoing restoration.

Video by, and courtesy of , CAT

Simon @ SMALLSPACE 2018 !

Simon was delighted to be invited as a guest to Mat Irvine's

SmallSpace event during July of 2018. Other guests were author Piers

Bizony, BBC Production Designer Roger Murray-Leach, Blakes 7 actor

Michael Keating and BBC SFX director Mike Tucker.

Simon is reunited with his model built for the BBC series BLAKE'S 7 after 40 years!

The model is in serious need of restoration - more news on this soon!

Photograph by Piers Bizony

Simon with fellow guest Roger Murray-Leach, production Designer on Blake's 7 and designer of the Liberator spacecraft which Simon worked on.

The model was originally built at Space Models by Gary Dickens, David Seymour, John Philips and Simon.

The Liberator is in poor condition following its demise by explosion!

Left to right: Roger Murray-Leach, Simon Atkinson, Piers Bizony, Paul Fitzmaurice (Event organiser) Mat Irvine, Mike Tucker, Michael Keating (photograph courtesy of Mat Irvine)

Simon with his 2001: A Space Odyssey Spacecraft Fine Art Print Collection

These limited edition prints can be purchased through this website.

Simon with the original spacesuit worn by Keir Dullea in 2010. The helmet is a replica

Talyllyn Railway DOUGLAS -

GARDEN RAIL Magazine Feature.

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